Central Drones and Carbonix = Match made in Heaven

Central Drones has acquired the most advanced all electric fixed-wing UAV. To make this partnership even more amazing – Carbonix designed and manufactures its UAVs right here in Australia.

This 3.6m VTOL Power Lift drone is capable of executing rapid aerial surveys across vast and difficult terrain whilst maintaining high accuracy and even higher confidence.  Our Volanti is equipped with the amazing NextVision NightHawk2 thermal ISR sensor (for surveillance missions and Search and Rescue Operations), but it can be customised to the customer’s choice of payload sensors such as those suitable for photogrammetry, multi-spectral imagery or LiDAR.  

The Volanti has been carefully optimized and re-engineered from its early days of the Carbonix range which was the “Cometa”. It’s redesign is optimised for maximum output, customer usability and return on commercial investment. The combination of carefully engineered hardware and Carbonix autopilot software ensures higher confidence in this solution as a viable option for your business’s aerial needs.

Central Drones is excited to partner with such an awesome Aussie Manufacturer and exciting to bring the technology to Alice Springs and remote Australia!

Fly Safe