Easy Aerial ECTS

Price on Application

Imagine being able to insert and place these units in positions on a stronghold, or at a location within the inner cordon giving your command-and-control team real-time information with EO and IR sensors relaying all vital info. Not only that, but the monitoring software can initiate AI triggered danger zones such as doorways to or other area assessed as a threat to ensure no one misses a thing.

Dimensions50 x 30.5 x 45.7 cm
(19.70" x 12.00" x 18.00")
Total Weight16 kg
Length100 meter / 330 ft
Weight of the micro-tether14 g/m
Power (output)100-240VAC (1600 watts)
Data speed200 Mb/s
Tensile strength25 Kgf
Temperature-20C to +55C 


• Dual EO and IR
• 30x zoom
• 360o camera
• SIGINT Receivers IMSI catcher
• X-band Radar
• 4G LTE MPU Waveform


Easy Aerial Inc. (EA) is at the forefront of how military, government, and commercial end-user clients employ autonomous unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) systems in a wide variety of mission critical applications.

EAI was founded in the United States in 2015 by aerospace, robotics and software development professionals with a vision to protect and save lives through autonomous UAV solutions. The mission has expanded to protect assets and infrastructure, and to provide situational awareness to emergency personnel along with crowd and security management.

EA has become the decisive supplier of completely autonomous drone solutions for mission critical applications: merging innovative optical and sensing technologies with threat detection sensors to provide enhanced situational awareness. EA’s payload mounting systems are fully customizable which allows end-users to adapt and evolve their existing equipment to meet ever-changing operational requirements.